Elements by Harmony

A Melting Pot of Design and Colour Ideas - The Story has just begun!

Melting Pot of colour

ELEMENTS by HARMONY has been inspired by individual elements found in nature and celebrates colour and design in all its beautiful formations.

The story so far...

Being Australian, born and raised in country New South Wales, design, colour and nature have been very much a part of who I am since childhood but it is only in recent years that I have discovered how much these elements influence us all throughout our lives. I've always believed that when it comes to being creative, there aren't any rules. "Colouring outside of the lines" is absolutely ok and in actual fact, necessary, to be able to explore the unknown.

In collaboration with Lapwing Designs, some very exciting collections have emerged.

BLOOMING; WALKABOUT and SEASONS are the first three ranges to unfold with the collections 'Bottlebrush'; 'Dreaming' and 'Mirrabooka Wattle' being part of the WALKABOUT range and 'Harmony' ,  'Holly' and 'Love' being part of the SEASONS range.

The influence behind the BLOOMING range was the very colourful and happy flower called the Gerbera (a member of the daisy & sunflower family). The design has a "messy circle" and this represents designing and thinking outside the boundaries.

The second range, WALKABOUT, relates to the natural elements of my homeland, Australia. The Bottlebrush bush is one of my favourite Australian native plants and the designs again are influenced by the individual elements - the leaf, the bud and the flower. 'Dreaming' relates to where your heart is and this could be different for everyone. A bespoke design to represent your dreams can be created. 'Mirrabooka Wattle' represents the Southern Cross Constellation and the Wattle flower - both depicting the beauty and uniqueness of Australia and the southern hemisphere.

The SEASONS range is inspired by the ever changing seasons throughout the year.

The 'Harmony' collection represents the mountains and the magic of snow in winter. Harmony Ridge is found on Whistler Mountain BC Canada, and is where I have enjoyed some great times. 

The 'Holly' collection celebrates Christmas. The design was inspired by the leaves and the red berries. Holly being an evergreen is something you can see all around the world.

The 'Love' collection is a contemporary design, representing love and friendship between all of us and it is my hope that we remind our loved ones throughout the year that they are special to us each and every day.

My story will continue to unfold, with the flowering of more designs, so continue to watch this space.

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