Design for Dementia Training Workshop

If you are interested in design & colour and how to enhance your environments, then talk to us about creating a workshop to meet your needs. The areas covered relate to the HOME, BUSINESS and the INDIVIDUAL.

TRAINING can be tailor-made to suit your needs, for example, you could have a training programme designed to teach the science of colour and how to analyse, specify and implement schemes for both domestic and commercial interiors, or how colour communicates in business. You could look at branding in business specifically, or personal branding and presentation. The topic of Design & colour is expansive and can be best covered either in 2 day workshops or if in a student environment, over several weeks.

A general overview of colour theory, colour psychology, colour symbolism, colour specification, colour analysis and colour implementation can be taught in a workshop setting but if you are looking to help promote good communication in your business setting, you might like consider a bespoke communications seminar for a corporate audience. Colour being nature's language, it is a great communication tool and can help explain how to communication without relying on the spoken word every time. We can also focus on areas such as branding & logo design, marketing & sales material and personal presentation. In design, topics such as layout, lighting, furniture, ergonomics, soft furnishings, flooring, storage and accessorising for interiors will also be addressed.

By attending our DESIGN & COLOUR workshop you can learn and understand how to incorporate, combine and be creative with colour in your product and presentation. Perhaps individual staff could benefit from this training or it could be delivered as a group for a staff reward or incentive scheme.

If you're a design student, then this workshop will give you an opportunity to bring the theory together with practical implementation. It will also offer you an opportunity of focusing more closely on colour and how you can use it more creatively in your design disciplines. We enjoy collaborating and providing training to other businesses for example, we have worked with Bridge2Business, as one of their Local Heroes, as well as Heriot-Watt University, to provide training to their interior design and textile students.

Our workshop to address design principles that specifically relate to the homes of people living with dementia can be tailor-made to meet the very individual requirements of the participants. This particular workshop would be useful for anyone wanting to understand how to enhance an environment to improve living conditions for those with dementia or general ageing issues. Thoughtful design in this area is design that actually works for us all.



DESIGN & COLOUR with HARMONY (2 day workshop - 4 hours per day)

Design and Colour Swatches

DESIGN & COLOUR with HARMONY (2 day design school). This workshop has been developed to introduce design & colour in general, to help get your creative juices flowing. Ideal for creative students who want to supplement their course work, as well as other design professionals or enthusiasts wanting to gain a greater appreciation for the benefits of design & colour.


DESIGN for DEMENTIA (3 hours)

Design for Dementia Question Marks

SPECIALITY AREAS such as DESIGN for DEMENTIA, shows how design & colour can bring effective solutions to a specific environment. All environments can be enhanced by applying design principles. All physical, mental & emotional special needs can be addressed.


NB: Workshop content and time frames can be tailored made to meet your specific requirements.  

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This 2 day workshop has been created to promote design & colour knowledge and to inspire you to bring design & colour into your world. In this workshop, we will look at all areas - Home, Business & You. The two days will give you a chance to play with colour, look at colour analysis and specification by way of NCS exercises, create mood boards, develop concepts, discuss areas like soft furnishings, fabrics, styles of window treatments, furniture & lighting. Interior design - domestic & commercial, colour in branding, logo design & website design will all be addressed. Specialty areas such as designing for those living with dementia, will be incorporated too. There will be no Auto-Cad work or architectural drawing. Nothing too technical, just an opportunity to explore. You do not require any qualifications to attend, just a love for design & colour and enthusiasm.

Workshop Content Includes...

  1. Theory of Colour
  2. Colour Terminology
  3. The Value of Colour and how Colour influences us
  4. How Colour can be used to Communicate
  5. Colour Psychology & Colour Symbolism
  6. Colour Analysis & Colour Specification
  7. Seasonal Colour Palettes and Colour Characteristics
  8. Colour use in Design, Branding, Marketing and Imaging
  9. General design concepts & discussion


This workshop is geared towards helping people improve their home environments to make it easier to care for their family and for those living with dementia. Design principles that relate to those with specific needs will be presented and ideas on how to resolve specific issues can be discussed. Some of the areas in which design can make a difference relate to:

  • Lighting
  • Air Quality
  • Flooring
  • Storage
  • Space & Layout
  • Fabrics
  • Furniture
  • Noise & Visual over stimulation
  • Tonal Contrasts in addition to Colour
  • Outdoor Space

People living with Dementia, carers, family members, students or those who are just interested, will all benefit from this relaxed and informal workshop session.

If you would like to know more, please contact JANE for further information.




Workshops will be scheduled again in October/November



DESIGN & COLOUR with HARMONY @ £199 per person

(2 day workshop)

11am - 3pm


DESIGN for DEMENTIA @ £96 per person

(3 hour workshop)


Should you have a specific date in mind or training needs, just let us know.

All workshops can be facilitated at a location to suit you.


For additional information, to book and make payment, please contact us

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  • All workshop prices include VAT
  • All workshops include light refreshments.
  • To confirm spot, payments are to be made no later than 48 hours prior to workshop date.