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From the black hole of space to the world of colour,
let Harmony Ridge Colours guide you on your journey!

"Black makes me look slim”.
"Black makes me stand out in a crowd”.
"Black brings life to my soul”.

If you believe in these above thoughts and in black being the magic colour, then perhaps think again. Black is the absence of light; therefore, it is not a colour. However, in paint this can be argued. The point being is that it is dark, mysterious and difficult for the human eye to interpret. This doesn’t mean that you should have a complete absence of black in your wardrobe but if you do wish to present yourself to others so they can interpret you in a positive light, then think colour, think balance, think harmony.

Nature breaks the night by the power of sunlight coming through each morning. Can you imagine negotiating life with night-light all the time? Where would our plants and animals be with the absence of the sun? We need the warmth of the sun to give us life.

To give your wardrobe life, you need to have a balance of colour within. If you want to learn how to introduce colour into your personal life and to find out which colours work best with your skin tone, then contact me to help bring colour into your world.

Book yourself into a colour analysis session now and discover the fun you can have exploring and experimenting with colour. It is time to invest in you and build the confidence to wear and enjoy colour.

With my expertise in colour, I can show you the seasonal colour palettes with a twist and determine which palette works best for you.

This package includes a colour analysis session running between 75 and 90 minutes and a colour swatch of 30 colours to take away with you. This will give you the opportunity to then shop with confidence. All this at a cost of just £96.

Contact Jane of Harmony Ridge Colours for additional information.



In addition, once your optimum colours have been determined, you can book a wardrobe consultation where I will physically go through your current wardrobe with you and help you decide on what works and what does not. This package comprises an additional 90 minutes, costing £70. However, if you book and pay for both packages at the same time then you will only pay £146 in total, a saving of £20. The "ORGANISE with HARMONY" package could, if desired, be fulfilled on a separate day. Sometimes, an extensive wardrobe will require more time. If this is the case, we can complete the task by continuing at the rate of £15 per half hour.

I would also be happy to take your unwanted wardrobe items to Charity as I leave, so your DE-CLUTTER is complete.

Contact Jane of Harmony Ridge Colours for additional information.



Once you have determined your specific colour palette and gone through your wardrobe, the fun of shopping can begin!

It doesn’t have to happen all in one go, as replenishing or completely revamping a wardrobe can take time and, of course, money. However, there may be a few key items missing from your wardrobe and once you have found them, your wardrobe will undoubtedly take on a new lease of life. Suddenly, those items of clothing that you always turn to wear but get rejected on the basis that you have nothing to put with them will once again be enjoyed. Alternatively, you may have a specific occasion to find that perfect outfit for.

Whatever your needs and purpose, why not consider engaging a personal shopper to help?

Harmony Ridge Colours can help take out the hassle of knowing what you need, where to source it and whether or not a specific item of clothing works for you.

It might only take one shopping trip together at a cost of £200 (including VAT) for 4 hours.

If you prefer going shopping on your own, I can always meet you at a later time and you can show off your choices in the comfort of your own home. I can them give you my advice as to whether the colour suits your skin undertone and the outfit in general enhances your wardrobe. For this particular part of the service, an hourly rate of £25 (including VAT) would apply.

Contact Jane of Harmony Ridge Colours for additional information.


If you wish to purchase all three of our colour packages at once, the total cost is £316. A saving of £50 overall.

Contact Jane of Harmony Ridge Colours to book. This is an ideal present for either yourself or friends and family. Gift vouchers are also available.