Group Colour Packages


          Sparkling Glasses

Calling all Girls!

This package is specifically geared towards you, whether you are the bride-to-be, mother-of-the-bride, mother in-law, mother-to-be or family and friends.

Occasions such as bridal showers, baby showers, hen parties or simply a girls night in, can all be delivered in a colourful way. If you're engaged and about to get married, getting ready to have a baby or celebrating its arrival and you want to celebrate with your friends, why not do so with sparkles and colour.

This packages comprises:

  • Full colour analysis for the girl in the spot light (COLOURS with HARMONY).
  • General overview on colour and how you can use it effectively, in the home and on the person.
  • General chat of colour requirements for wedding plans or general chat about colours for your baby's nursery, christening or naming ceremony.
  • Your friends will also have an opportunity to learn a little about colour for themselves too.
  • Sparkling wine for the group.

So, to help you relax and be pampered, as well as perhaps solving some of your decisions involving colour, why not book yourself a session with Harmony Ridge Colours.

The price is £270 for 3 hour session.

This is a "conceptual" package and can be tailor-made to suit all situations and occasions.  To discuss your specific requirements and to book your event, contact Jane of Harmony Ridge Colours for additional information.

NB: Maximum number of the party is 10.  However, if you require a larger party this can be arranged and negotiated.

Alternative Option for the Bride & the Mother-of-the-Bride

For a special mother & daughter treat, consider our LOVE THE BRIDE with HARMONY package, which includes a colour analysis for you both, as well as a date for shopping your very special outfits. The total cost  of £325 includes the COLOURS with HARMONY package (90 mins per person) & the SHOP with HARMONY package (3 hours together personal shopping time).  If you book this colour session prior to deciding on your wedding colours, you will know exactly what will work best for you on your very personal day.



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