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For your quick and easy reference, the services offered have been outlined individually in order to help you, the client, determine your specific needs. However, should you require a bespoke approach, please make contact to discuss your needs.

Design Graphic


If you are wanting to inject a new look and feel to your home or workplace without changing all the fixures and fittings, colour is a fantastic way of creating a brand new interior.

Colour is all about harmony and balance. It can be symbolic and also a very effective tool for communication. Colour enhances our lives and makes the world we live in look more aesthetically pleasing. Colour can affect our moods and thoughts. Colour deserves consideration.

Understanding the purpose of the individual rooms in the home or office space being redecorated, will help determine the best colour scheme to promote the appropriate ambience. Once a scheme has been decided upon, we will specify the colours and provide an outline of how they can be implemented.

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For those who are creating an interior design and colour scheme for a business space or home, have you considered the benefits of having your design reviewed by a professional before you commit to the spend?

No matter how easy the task may seem, it never hurts to get another eye looking over the designs to pick up on details that you may have missed or not fully thought through.

This service has been established with the idea of making the design process as smooth and as successful as possible. No one person invariably covers all the bases. Having access to professional advice (even on a very small scale) could prove valuable for avoiding costly mistakes. Better to have queries addressed before you are committed than having to make decisions on the hop half way through. The consequences might not only be inconvenient and time-consuming but also costly.

The package consists of a review, consultation and recommendations (verbal or written, as preferred).

For a REVIEW of design decisions, concepts and plans, please contact Harmony Ridge Designs.


Space is often at a premium. Whether it is at your home or office, trying to maximise the useable space can be tricky. It is a matter of selecting the right furniture for the job at hand, which is attractive and functional.

Ergonomics and storage requirements can be assessed, along with furniture placement that allows for free-flowing movement.

Reducing large spaces to make them more intimate or wanting to make a small space appear larger can be resolved by careful placement of furniture, use of colour, and consideration of lighting.

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STAGING YOUR HOME - Are you thinking of selling or renting out your property and can't see the wood for the trees? Do you watch the design shows on television, which tell you to de-clutter and de-personalise?

It can be very difficult to know where to start. It can also be quite an emotional journey.

However, it is necessary to present your property in its best light to allow others to see its potential and for them to see themselves living within it. This doesn't mean that the space has to be entirely bland and without personality.

STAGING EVENTS are along similar lines. You have a space that you would like to theme and decorate for an event. Perhaps you need help with the layout or the colour concept. We can help pull a plan together and then source materials to decorate. We are happy to collaborate with other professionals required to achieve a successful back drop to your special occasion.

STAGING AN EXHIBITION STAND is another interior space that can be difficult to create the look you would like you clients and customers to see. Again, colour and design play a big part in the overall appearance. We can help create a concept that will represent your business or product perfectly and get the right message across.  First impressions do count!

If you feel you need guided expertise in any of these areas, then we can help. No project is too small. It might just be a particular aspect that you are struggling with that a second point of view might just help.

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Do you often hear about the latest trend or know it's time to change for the new season coming? It can be a little daunting and the prospect of making a costly change just to satisfy a mood seems extravagant. Well, good news, it really doesn't have to be.

With simple accent colours being introduced by way of accessories, it can be a cost effective way of changing things up. If your budget can stretch a little further and you feel so inclined, then you can refresh your environment with painting or papering, covering of furniture, or investing in new bed linen.

The trick is to consider the entire space in your home to create a sense of purpose and cohesion. Supporting colour changes may be as easy as adding the right flowers.

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If you have just completed a major building project or renovation, extension, or move, then you will probably have sorted through all of the major issues, such as electrics, plumbing, landscaping, roofing and so on. At the end of the major work, very little is left in the budget for decorating and accessorising.

However, if you have gone to the trouble of creating a beautiful new space, then taking the additional time for the finishing touches is not only important but satisfying.

Accessorising your home does not have to be budget-busting. You can often create the look you want, with what you already have by simply placing items, such as ornaments and paintings, in a different location and combination. Another thing to take into consideration is lighting.

A plan can be established as to what would be needed to complete the project in the long run, even if the purchases have to wait until funds are renewed. The key is having an idea of the overall outcome you wish to achieve.

With help, accessorising can be made into a simple and fun process.

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You have the desire to undertake some design work but can't see how you can make the time in your busy schedule to organise and implement the works. Then worry not.

Harmony Ridge Designs can take on the project for you and make the arrangements with one of our contractors to take on the necessary work. Alternatively, we will happily work with your own selected contractors.

It might be a room, a home, interior, exterior, an office refurbishment or a retail/commercial venture. We would be delighted to discuss your plans to see if we can be of assistance.

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A Project Management rate would apply and would depend on the scope and scale of the project. Price on application.


Harmony Ridge Designs is now designing dementia friendly spaces upon request. As we are an ageing population, we will want to stay in our homes for as long as possible. To help with that endeavour, thoughtful design can make a real difference. The most important things to remember are simplicity, familiarity and personalisation. Whether you are moving, downsizing or renovating, consider how you can make your home work for you for many years to come.

If would like to have your home, office or your business space reviewed to determine how accessible and design friendly it is for the elderly, people with accessibility issues and for those living with dementia, please arrange an appointment time to suit.

Dementia does not discriminate, nor do we. It can affect the young, the elderly, all genders, cultures & races. For those wanting to help loved ones, friends, colleagues or themselves to live better with dementia, perhaps design can help.

In addition, we collaborate with suppliers, for example Panaz, who supply a terrific range of fabrics that are suitable for domestic, hospitality, corporate and health care environments. If you would like to see the range of Panaz fabrics and discuss design and colour options, please do not hesitate to get in touch. See this video as one example of the care Panaz takes.

To meet your specific concerns, please contact Jane at Harmony Ridge Designs and have a chat. Additional information can be found on the DSDC website.


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