Company Branding

Whether you are a new business creating your branding or an existing business wanting to renew your current branding, it is important to give design and colour the utmost consideration to ensure that your message is being promoted in an effective and positive way.  A package has been created to assist companies with this exciting but often daunting task.

It is essential to establish a brand that is memorable and has longevity.  Continuity of your design and colour decisions is vital. 


Logo Design Work


Company branding is the way in which the business is promoted visually and it is essential to get it right.  All aspects of office interiors & exteriors, online presence, product, packaging, marketing & promotional material, signage and staff uniforms are part of the branding and they need to be sending out the same, strong, positive message.

Colour is all about harmony and balance.  It can be symbolic and it is a strong and effective communication tool. Colour enhances our lives and makes the world we live in look more aesthetically pleasing.  Colour can affect our moods and thoughts and in particular it will have an impact on your customer or client and ultimately the bottom line. 

Harmony Ridge Designs would be delighted to work with you and your business, addressing all areas such as human resources, marketing, IT and sales, to ensure that all company branding undergoes the same process.  Jane could either work with your existing service providers and suppliers or if need be, we can assist in providing suitable alternatives.  

The fee is negotiable depending on the scope and scale of the project.

For further information and discussion, please do not hesitate to contact Harmony Ridge Designs.

Before any work is undertaken, why not take up our offer of a half hour complimentary...


  • Do your colours work for your business?
  • If you're a retailer, does your shop floor reflect & promote your product well?
  • Are you considering re-branding or repositioning your business?
  • Are you using your company colours to their full potential?
  • Want to be sure that you are using your colours in a balanced & cohesive way?
  • Are you sending out the message you intend?

Branding can go on so many things - marketing material, interiors, exteriors, furniture and products.

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