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The business operates 7 days per week by appointment.

For enquires, please call or email Jane of Harmony Ridge Designs.

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What is Harmony Ridge Designs?

Harmony Ridge Designs is a design and colour consultancy business, owned & operated by Jane Chrumka, which delivers design and colour solutions for the business, the home and the individual. Colour communicates and Harmony Ridge Designs can help you communicate YOUR message.

If you need interior or exterior design solutions, whether it be a new development, a renovation, resale, office, retail outlet, space re-organisation, storage, event or exhibition, then look to the services of Harmony Ridge Designs. Services also extend to colour solutions for the business, home and individual. With knowledge in colour systems, colour analysis, and colour psychology, Jane is able to offer her advice and implementation of colour schemes that will best suit your needs.

What Jane does...

Interior & Exterior Design 

Colour & Design for both Domestic & Commercial interiors (including Painting & Decorating; Lighting; Layout; Soft Furnishings; Staging; Sourcing). Jane collaborates with other trades and professionals where and when required, for example, architects, garden & landscape designers. External structures like patios, garden sheds, fences and gardens can all incorporate colour and design, bringing additional joy to your living.

Business Design

Logo; Branding (web & graphic design); Workplace Wellness; Colours; Furnishing; Office Layout; Ergonomics; Exhibition Stands & more.

Logo Design & Branding

Individual Branding & Presentation

Specifically, Personal Colour Analysis; Wardrobe Rejuvenation; Sourcing.

Design for those living with Dementia

Although this is quite a specific area, considering the needs of people with dementia and their carers with mindful design, will be good design for all people with access and mobility issues, sight loss and general considerations relating to getting older. Jane would be delighted to hear how she might be able to help improve your home environment. Other special needs can also be considered.


Design & Colour Workshops covering the Home, Business, and You.

Why should you use Harmony Ridge Designs? 

Jane LISTENS to YOU and DESIGNS with YOU for YOU

Jane offers a personal, individual and bespoke service, providing her full attention, enthusiasm and commitment. She likes to collaborate with clients and all other professionals to produce the best possible outcome you are looking for.


The benefit of working with Harmony Ridge Designs, not only in your home but also within your business, is that you will be able to use colour & design more effectively, resulting in better communication all round. You will create a home & office space you will enjoy and you will have a better understanding of how to present yourself in all circumstances. With Jane's help you will achieve the result you are looking for more efficiently and financial savings enjoyed.

What will it cost you? 

Your time, commitment and some financial investment. A budget to suit will be worked out before work starts. Good design & colour solutions should be available to all.

What do you need to do? 

All Jane asks is that you consider, enquire, be prepared to be shown alternatives, decide, smile & enjoy the process.

Jane does not see herself as perfect but she has high expectations and will work hard with you to achieve your goal!

It is simple! Just get in touch. Where colour goes, so too does Jane. She looks forward to chatting with you soon.

Jane Chrumka
Design & Colour Consultant


Paint roller brushes in colour

Services include:

  • Design & Colour Solutions for Home, Business & the Individual
  • Commercial & Domestic Interiors
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Dementia Friendly Design Solutions
  • Colour solutions for Branding & Logo Design
  • Home & Exhibition Stand Staging
  • Colour Communication & Design Training

Getting Started

It is essential to take the time at the start to discuss with the client what is required. Obtaining a full brief might seem time consuming and tedious at the beginning but this time spent is invaluable. Jane is happy to offer her first consultation free of charge in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your needs. This means time and money will be saved in the long run, if we are all clear on expectations and limitations from the beginning.

Plans can be produced if required and can be useful to work out the layout, flow and lighting of areas. Quite often if it is a new project, architectural plans will already be in in existence, which can be utilised. Creating plans is time consuming and costly, so in many instances when plans are not a necessity, styling and functionality of rooms can be achieved by physically moving things around and getting a hands on feel for the space.

Concept Mood Board

Mood boards can be a very useful tool to give an overall view of colour scheming and suggested styling. They allow for presentation to the client, providing the client with something they can retain for discussion with colleagues or other family members. However, they are also time consuming and, therefore, can add to the cost of a project. So, Jane can be flexible and provide colour and textile samples by other methods, which can be just as useful in the decision making process.

Jane also provides client briefs on behalf of the client, to outline their exact requirements in branding, in order to then send onto other professionals, such as web and graphic designers. Harmony Ridge Designs can help create the concept and articulate exactly your ideas and thoughts to the service provider. This saves you time, money and frustration, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.

Design & Colour Solutions

Deciding on which colours to utilise in a design and how to create balance in a room can be tricky. Working with a Colour Specialist to select a suitable palette for a project will ensure that all ideas are explored and the project is completed harmoniously. It is important to keep an open mind, allowing new ideas to flow. The introduction of bright or muted, strong or soft, contrast or complementary colours will determine the project's success or otherwise.

In addition to colour solutions for interiors, Jane also provides advice on colour choices for exteriors and company branding for both product and company, including marketing material, graphic, and web design as well as personal style and imaging.

In addition, Jane provides Dementia Friendly Design Solutions to assist people to stay in their homes for longer. This includes addressing mobility and accessibility issues. Lighting, tonal contrasts, visual cues, space, furniture and access to all areas of the home, including the outdoor spaces are all essential ingredients. Her ethos is SIMPLICITY; FAMILIARITY & PERSONALISATION. This applies to all special needs areas.

Decor, Soft Furnishings & Lighting Advice

Most advice will come from discussion and consultation in person. It will be a journey undertaken with as much or as little input from the client as provided. However, in Jane's experience, the more involved a client can be in revealing their likes and dislikes, the more smoothly the project will run and overall satisfaction will be rewarded. This area is subjective and personal and a successful design results when the individual's tastes have been identified and met.

Light Bulbs

Finishing Touches, Accessorising, Product Sourcing & Personal Shopping

Product sourcing is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Harmony Ridge Designs is happy to take some of the pain out of this important task. Depending on the client's availability and desire, Harmony Ridge Designs can be your personal shopper, sourcing products with or without you involved. Accessorising and bringing the finishing touches to a project is the fun part and will provide the personal touch to the project, creating a unique and complete look. Making the right decision on product purchases will save money, time and disappointment.

Home Staging

We all understand with the economic climate as it is today, how difficult selling or renting a property can be. It is a very competitive market. You need to present your property at its best. We have all heard of minimising the clutter, making your home "neutral" but selling a property takes time and during that time, you still have to function within and be happy. So stripping back all that is personal to you is not always necessary. The important factors are room dedication, flow, space considerations and general organisation - staging the property in it best functional light. Harmony Ridge Designs is well equipped to assist in this area and any time and money taken to do this will definitely be worth it.

Exhibition Stand Staging

Harmony Ridge Designs is very aware how important first impressions are in business and getting your message conveyed. When exhibiting, it is vital that your stand presentation captures the attention of your target audience and can stand out from the crowd. It needs to accurately reflect your company, business, product and service. You only have a very small amount of time to be noticed in the sea of other exhibitors. Jane can help you design a stand that draws people to you. Through her own exhibition experience and that of helping others, Jane will consult and help you create a stand concept for you to implement.

Home of Harmony Exhibition Stand


Should you be looking to gain general knowledge on design and colour, then look to our "TALK DESIGN & COLOUR with HARMONY" workshops. These provide practical information and exercises, in an informal way, which will assist you in becoming more confident and creative in your home, business and for your own personal presentation. Jane also offers training workshops in specialty areas, (eg DESIGN for DEMENTIA), allowing you to design for the individual.

Cost Analysis

Keeping a very close eye on finances throughout a project is imperative to its success. Discussions at the start will identify what the working budget will be and who will take responsibility for managing the costs involved. Harmony Ridge Designs will at all times keep the client fully informed of all proposed costs and will assist with spending decisions as required.

As an independent business, Harmony Ridge Designs brings a fresh eye to a project, with experience and international influences, however, with an understanding of Scottish living and culture.

With a practical approach to working within budget constraints or existing parameters of style and colour, a new or revised look can be happily achieved.


Jane offers her services at an hourly, half-day or full day rate for consultancy work. However, she also provides package solutions where appropriate, to contain costs on projects. Please contact Jane to discuss your needs, budget and costs.

Payments Policy

Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash or Bank Transfer are accepted as forms of payment. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Maestro & VPay. Payments are by WorldPayZinc.

For all services, an invoice will be raised and payment terms detailed within. For all bespoke items, a 50% deposit will be required to commence work and full payment must be made prior to receipt of goods.

Returns Policy

If items purchased from Harmony Ridge Designs are faulty or damaged, you may return them for a full refund as long as you have proof of purchase.

However, if you have simply changed your mind, Harmony Ridge Designs will exchange or provide a credit note to the value of the item within 14 days of purchase, as long as you have proof of purchase and any original packaging. The only exceptions are earrings and custom/bespoke orders, which are not returnable unless faulty.