Design – There’s a reason for our Messy Circle!

Our Messy Circle!

Our Messy Circle!

From a very early age we are taught to follow the rules and never go outside the lines. Sometimes for some, necessary structure in life can be challenging.

Who remembers colouring in as a child and being told to stay within the lines?This concept seems to have been haunting children for generations. Successful artists are the ones who often bend the artistic rules and explore new possibilities.

Originally trained in business and as a corporate PA, I had to follow protocol but the jobs I loved the most, were the ones where I was given the autonomy to think outside the box.

When changing career paths into the creative industry, I had to let the structure go a little to discover new ways of doing things. Perfection can be stifling. With my new found creative freedom, I thought, finally I could colour outside of the lines a little! Our flower logo expresses just that. The centre is what we call our ‘messy circle’. We will always look past the barriers to see what else can be done. As long as you know when you are breaking the creative rules and support your decisions in the colour and design solutions, the results can be unique, individual, fun and exciting.

If you keep in mind what the individual style and requirements are for a client, a successful outcome should follow.

Designing for environments suitable for those living with dementia is just one example of when you need to think outside the box. Design is never a “one size fits all” approach.  You need to really understand individual needs and look for solutions from all angles.

So, when you are next building lego or colouring with your children, moving things around the house to suit your lifestyle, thinking about business names and logos – take the time to think outside the box and flex your creative muscles. It’s ok if your circle is a little messy!

Getting older!

Getting older… what help do you need?

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