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Welcome to my weekly BLOG. I was trying to work out what “BLOG” meant to me and in the process I came up with the following acronym:


We are always under the influence of colour, whether we realise it or not. Think about it – why do we choose one product or version of a product over another? Often, it is the colour that attracts our attention. Each season, new colours and colour combinations are promoted and we fall in love with the every day product all over again. The seasons change during the course of the year and we too change. Our design industries bank on it. Colour often reflects our moods and behaviour. We can embrace colour and use it to brighten things up – physically or psychologically. So enjoy the use of colour and have fun experimenting with the extensive colours out there.

I hope my BLOG encourages you to consider how you can utilise colour more. If at any time you want help exploring colour further, please contact Harmony Ridge Designs.

Anyone who knows me well will appreciate that one of my ‘special’ skills is communication. They may also tell you ‘she could talk under water’, ‘talks with her hands’ (knocking the odd glass of wine over) and thinks and speaks … Continue reading

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What are your thoughts on colour trends?  I was looking through my recently received Mix Magazine by Colour Hive Issue 47 and as I pondered the “Filter Colour Trend”, it made me think about colour trends in general and how … Continue reading

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Have you ever been sitting at work wishing you were somewhere else? Perhaps on the beach, sunbathing with a cocktail? Thinking anywhere would be better than where you are right now. Along the way, we all have experienced the feeling … Continue reading

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With Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, it is now time to look forward. Most of us will have resumed our normal routines or will do so soon and many will already be busy planning goals for 2017. Whether … Continue reading

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