Business Branding – What’s in a name?

World Branding LogosWith the competitive markets that we all operate within today and not knowing exactly where tomorrow will lead us, good branding has never been more important. We not only need to consider branding for our businesses but also for ourselves.

In my opinion, successful branding is when you convey the message to your intended audience in such a way that they understand you, that they interpret your message correctly and that they relate to what your business is about. When your intended customer or client sees consistency and clarity, a sense of trust will prevail. With trust comes engagement, which then develops into a good working business relationship.

Ideally, you want to look at branding in the round at the start of your new business venture. To create a concept that launches your business and helps grow and sustain it for years to come, spending time on your branding is well worth it.  With time there is a cost but when you get your brand concept right, the cost is undoubtedly redeemed.

No-one has a crystal ball but creating a business from the ground up takes time and energy, so it makes sense to me to build your business brand from a personal perspective. Ensuring your personal branding and your business branding are aligned is key. If you are passionate and believe in both, it is so much easier to promote and devote countless hours into developing your business further. People who get to know you will get to know your business. People like dealing with people.

Help and support conceptMy question, what is in a name? To me, the name of a business is as important as the colours, the design and the visual representation. Thinking carefully about what the name represents and how it stands out amongst your many competitors is important. The business name might automatically explain what your business does but if it is a generic one, it may be used by many other similar businesses in your industry and then, how effective is it? A name does not have to be a description of what your business does. The name is an opportunity to create your business personality – perhaps something quirky and hopefully memorable. A great name should be unique. Of course, each type of business will throw up different needs.

Once you work out the name, check that it is available for all your digital and social media platforms and reserve them even if you’re not ready to utilise them initially. Having the name repeat itself at every opportunity builds brand recognition. An effective name will also benefit SEO.

Then comes the logo design and the colour specification. Creating a visual presence that is distinctive will help you stand out from the crowd. Shapes, lines and colour all help to structure and build a solid design. The name can provide the creative launch pad to an exciting visual. With a successful logo, you can then utilise it throughout your marketing and promotional material, elevating your business into the dizzy heights of success.

Colour is like the icing on the cake. You can have a fabulous logo design but if the colours do not support the design, the business and the message, then it may compromise its success. Choosing the right colour palette that suits the nature of the business, the product, the service and the person behind the business can be challenging but when you nail it… you know it.

Creating a business from scratch takes planning and your business name and branding should be at the top of your To Do list.

If you are needing to rebrand and or slightly tweak your current branding, really deciding on what it is that you are illustrating and trying to convey this will allow your business to flourish.Baby with coloured shapes

Like naming a child, many consider how the first name will relate to the surname, what nick-names may be created, which family members may be upset by not being acknowledged and whether the child will come to resent their name as an adult… similar questions should be considered when naming your business.  Will the name grow with the company as it grows? Will the logo design support growth of the business from small and local to global?  Branding can be an expensive and time consuming exercise. You really don’t want to have to go through this exercise more often than need be.

Branding LightbulbTOP TIP – brainstorm, research, be creative and consult professionals to help you.

And remember…



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