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PlanWith Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, it is now time to look forward.

Most of us will have resumed our normal routines or will do so soon and many will already be busy planning goals for 2017. Whether you do so formally or not, I am sure you will all be thinking about your business and personal aspirations and how to achieve them.

Whilst you do so, perhaps you might like to consider how design and colour fits into your picture, both at work and at home. I appreciate for most that these topics don’t readily come to mind but consider this. If something is to be tweaked and improved from the year past, what changes would you be looking to make and how does design and colour influence your decisions?

To make a change, you will need to design, plan and execute. Whether it be in your business marketing or branding, your office interiors, your work wardrobe or your home comforts, design and colour will always be a part of the solution.

With regard to your work and home environments, consider the ‘wellness’ of the space you and your fellow colleagues and family inhabit. Below are questions you might like to ask yourself.Help and support concept


  1. Does your lighting (task & ambient) work for all individuals? Have they been asked?
  2. Is there space to manoeuvre?
  3. Is there adequate storage?
  4. Does the layout (furniture and equipment) work for all?
  5. Does your environment promote happiness, productivity and wellbeing?
  6. Have you considered what disabilities staff may have and how they can be assisted?
  7. Do employees seem well and content or is there a lot of sick leave taken?
  8. Does the business marketing & branding reflect the intended message and image?


  1. Are you able to relax in your home at the end of a busy day?
  2. Do you find it easy to keep house and clean around the obstacles?
  3. Can you see what you’re doing when undertaking a task like reading or cooking?
  4. Do you have enough storage?
  5. Can you always find what you are looking for or does your space feel cluttered?
  6. Do you have personal areas for all members of the family to escape to?
  7. Are you trying to make room for additional family members or visitors?
  8. Do you have family members needing assistance with mobility?
  9. Does your decor reflect you?
  10. Is living with dementia for a family member a new consideration?


  1. Are you happy with your personal branding and presentation?
  2. Do you struggle to find something you like to wear?
  3. Are you looking for a change?
  4. Are you starting a new job and not sure how to fit in with company requirements, whilst maintaining your individuality?

If answering these questions leaves you satisfied with your environments and personal presentation, then all seems well and I wish you the best with your endeavours. However, if you feel that improvements can be made and you would like to know more of how colour and design can benefit you, then I would be delighted to assist. To review your circumstances, please contact me to arrange a meeting.

In the meantime, let us look towards 2017 as being a new and positive year ahead, embracing new opportunities that appear, whilst supporting all those around us with their continued endeavours.

Good luck & good health!




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