Design Considerations


Whether a property has access to a garden or not, many spaces do not take advantage of the benefits of introducting an organic feel. It is not just as simple as adding a vase of flowers but the introduction of plants, flowers, art depicting organic subjects and colours selected to draw the outside in, all have a huge impact on the feel of an indoor space. Again, the colours, textures and interest that nature can offer need to be considered carefully.

Finishing Touches

When all decorating and layout decisions have been made and implemented, the final finishing touches will bring the entire design concept and functionality together. What works for you and your space and careful attention to the detail will create a professional and welcoming result. This is the fun part of wrapping up any project. It is what people visiting will notice. They won't notice all the work that went into the pipes, power points, painting, storage and general behind the scenes areas but the atmosphere of a space can be enhanced by the overall presentation. Unless you want a show home or magazine looking environment, finishing touches should be personal and can be eclectic. Finding the right spot for your special pieces can be challenging at times but very rewarding when you get it right. Your space is to be enjoyed and lived in. It is your "castle" but we at Harmony Ridge Designs can help bring any diamond out of the rough!.


People find the introduction of colour into their homes a difficult concept. Whether to find a colour that the whole family can live with, that is peaceful and/or attractive for re-sale, the general rule of thumb spouted by many is "neutral". All colours have a neutral range. Colour can enhance a space by addressing light and bright or dark and gloomy issues, as well as spaciousness and cosiness. Harmony Ridge Designs can help you to choose colours that work for you and your space. Colour is an exciting area and will bring drama, romance or peace into your lives, if you allow it! Be brave and explore your options.


So many people struggle with storage solutions. Often it is a matter of just eliminating the excess. Sometimes it is due to the fact that we are down sizing or our families are growing. For whatever reason, storage is seen as a problem, however, one that can be resolved with innovative ideas. Selecting the right furniture or respositioning existing pieces and relocating items for storage can be a start to the solutuion. It takes a methodical approach. Whether Harmony Ridge Designs advises theoretically, designs conceptually or provides a hand on approach, storage issues can usually be resolved.


Ergonomics is often neglected both in the domestic and commercial environments. Proper flow of a space, comfort, functionality, and visual aesthetics need to work hand in hand. However, comfort has a huge impact on health and well-being. The right choice for furniture and location of equipment is very important. Advice by Harmony Ridge Designs can help solve problems within your space.